Destroy High Uric Acid or Gout with Your Feet!

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High Uric Acid causes the gout problem in your feet, how can one solve the problem with the swollen big toe?

The answer is Soaking them in hot water. Not when you are having the the gout attack, but when you are under non-attack period. The objective is to increase the blood flow around your feet so that there is more up flow of blood that send the melted uric acid up to the kidneys for disposal through the urination.

It might sound too easy or too simple to be true, but it is 100% proven effective. The hard part of this practice is that challenge of keeping up the habit. Many people tend to take it lightly after doing that for a few days, they do not have the discipline to keep on the habit. This is because there is no obvious instant result as those given by the gout drugs.

Do you really thing those drugs such as allopurinol and uloric can really lower down your high uric acid? No, they don’t! They just temporarily cheat your body from converting the purine into uric acid. After a certain period of time, the effect of the drugs will subside and your uric acid level will rise again and you will still get the attack of the gouty inflammation.

Gout – Soak You Feet! Flush Away The Uric Acid!

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