Dissolving Uric Acid Crystals In Joints NATURALLY…

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Uric acid crystals in joints are very hard to be removed through surgery, especially when the joint is small like those in fingers or toes. This is because urate crystals are very fine and float around, the only to remove them from joint with surgery is by inserting a long needle into the affected joint and suck out all the synovial fluid that contains the uric acid crystals. But this kind of procedure is dangerous in the sense that it expose the joint to secondary infection which will make the condition even worse, that is why this practice (arthroplasty) is not widely practiced by doctors as a treatment for gout.

Dissolving Uric Acid Crystals

Dissolving Uric Acid Crystals

Actually, the ONLY effective way to say goodbye to gout forever is by dissolving uric acid crystals in joints. This method makes more sense because it follows the simple common sense of “how it comes, how it goes”. Uric acid crystals in the joint originate from excess uric acid in the blood that seeps into the joint over the years. Thus, urate crystals can be dissolved simply by reversing this pathway.

Temperature and Concentration

There are 2 factors that determine the rate of dissolution of urate crystals. High temperate will increase the rate of collision between molecules and that can increase the probability of dismantling uric acid molecules from the crystal block. Another factor is saturation of the fluid around the crystal, fluid with lower concentration or hypotonic has more spaces to absorb the uric acid molecule thus make it faster for the uric acid crystals to break down.

Understand the nature of dissolution process, then you can help to speed up the removal of the gout crystals by soaking your feet (assuming the affected joint is in your feet) in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes at least once every day. As for the concentration part, you have to drink plenty of water (ionized alkaline water is recommended) frequently so that it can create a uric acid hypotonic internal environment that is optimum for dissolving uric acid crystals in joints.

This method is 100% Natural and proven effective. All you need is a bit of discipline and persistence to follow through.

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