High Uric Acid and Natural Remedies for Gout

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There are many natural remedies available all over the world that said to be able to treat high uric acid effectively. Some are more effective than others. But although these natural remedies are effective to certain extent, they are only part of the answer. Aas a matter of fact, the problem of gout or high uric acid can be pretty complicated and different show different properties of it.

The main object one should always bear in mind is to find ways to prevent the awful gout attack from returning again in the future, this is because frequent gout attacks can permanently damage one’s joints and lead to kidney failure.

Uric acid is the by product of the purine degradation in the liver. Normally the uric acid that is produced is sent to the kidneys and flushed from your body through urine. For a number of reasons, one’s kidneys failed to process the uric acid efficiently and that lead to so that excess levels can remain in the bloodstream eventually leads to the problem of high uric acid or hyperuricemia.

If high uric acid is left untreated for the period of years, these excess uric acid can deposit in the joints or tissues in the body and form urate crystals. These crystals are what cause the gouty inflammation which gives the notorious pain of gout.

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