How High Uric Acid Causes The Formation of Kidney Stones?

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When people go for a blood test, they are more concern about the level of cholesterol and glucose in their blood. This is because these 2 items are directly related to the popular modern killers such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

One of the vital figures in a blood test that is usually ignored by most people is Uric Acid. The only group of people that pay close attention to that reading in their blood are those who are suffering from the painful gouty inflammation. That is why when we talk about uric acid level, the first thing that people associate with it is gout. But many people do not know that high uric acid is actually the main cause of the formation of kidney stones which eventually leads to the life threatening kidney failure.

As a matter of fact, the more correct way to say is that your gout actually begins with the problems in the kidneys. This is because the kidney is the major uric acid disposal organ of the body and the most ironic part is that kidney failure is also directly caused by the acid it is trying to get rid of.

In order to flush out the acid, the kidneys need to extract a lot of water from the blood into the tubules of the kidneys. But when a person does not have the habit of drinking enough water, his or her blood tend to be very thick and sticky and there is no extra water available for the kidneys to produce the urine fluid.

When there is no enough water supply into the kidney tubules, the concentration of uric acid will become thicker and thicker. When it reaches the saturation point where the acid cannot be dissolved anymore, crystallization happens and tiny needle-like monosodium urate crystals are produced.

These ‘baby urate crystals’ will hook on the inner wall of the tubules and serve as the gravitational point for more uric acid and other unwanted minerals or toxic wastes to deposit on. Eventually, the crystal will grow so big that it becomes a spiky rock known as kidney stone.

Because of the bristly surface of the kidney stones, it is very easy for them to get stuck in the middle of the tubules of the kidney and block the passage of the urine. As more and more urine is locked within the blocked tubules, this will create a pressure build up that causes the pain that you feel at your lower back.

Now we have those high-tech surgeries that can remove the kidney stones in less than an hour. A surgery can remove the visible big stones, but it cannot clear up the tiny crystals seeds in there. The possibility for the kidney stones to form again is very high, as long as the symptoms of gout are still there. There are ways to dissolve the urate crystals without any invasive surgery, check out the Untold Truth of Uric Acid and Gout @ www.TruthofGout.Com.

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