How Is Uric Acid Formed In The Body?

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If you ask the doctors out there… “How is uric acid formed in the body?” 95% of them will reply: “It is because you eat too much of high protein or high purine foods.” This is the common belief most of the gout patients around the world and they will try their best to control the diet in order to avoid future gout attacks.

But the sad fact is that, most of them still suffer from gout attacks, even though they have totally abstained from the high purine diet. So, what is going wrong here? If the hypothesis of the doctors that uric acid is the result of external foods is true, the uric acid levels in the body should be able to be maintained by controlling the diet. It seems like there is something missing out.

New Perspective:¬†How Is Uric Acid Formed In The Body… The Internal Source.

For decades, scientists or medical professionals have been busy drilling on researching what foods lead to high uric acid and trying to invent drugs to suppress the uric acid levels so that the patient can continue to enjoy whatever food they like to eat. This approach is proven to be non-effective judging from the rising number of gout patients around globes. It’s time to look a things at new angle…

Everyday there are billions of body cells die, the dead cells will be broken down through series of complex biochemical reactions. The last building block in the body cell that will be broken down is the DNA. DNA is made of 4 types of bases and out of the four DNA bases, two (adenine & guanine) contains PURINE!!! Part of these bases will be re-cycled to build new cells while the excess will be sent to the liver for degradation to uric acid and then sent to the kidneys for removal through urination.


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