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How To Control Uric Acid Without Taking Any Medicine?

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If you are having the problem of hyperuricemia or high uric acid, chances are very high that you are already suffering some sort of discomfort on certain parts of your body, especially around your feet, serious condition is known as gout. Since uric acid is the root cause of gout, if you can control uric acid then you can control gout and not let the notorious gout pain control the quality of your life.

As its name implies, uric acid, is just a form of acid that your body needs to get rid of through urination. The most effective way is to first neutralize the uric acid through alkaline minerals, and then flush them out with water in the form of urine.

The only solution that combines the above mentioned factors is… Ionized Alkaline Water. Drinking 2 ~ 3 Liters of Ionized alkaline water (pH 10) everyday is proven to be very effective in lowering down high uric acid and keep the pH equilibrium in the body at optimum level.

Ionized alkaline water is produced by running through normal tap water through an electrolysis chamber that separates the minerals in the water to alkaline and acidic. This extraction process is 100% natural and because the alkaline mineral has lost its partner, that makes it very “hungry” for acidic minerals when it goes into the body, that explains why it is very effective in pulling out the uric acid hidden in the joints or muscles.

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water Ionizer